Developing Organizations

Build, develop, and strengthen teams.

Developing Organizations

Build, develop, and strengthen teams.

Successful companies are always a team effort

If all areas and employees work hand in hand, success follows naturally. I attend to the successful support of the team leader and the team through workshops, trainings, seminars and business coaching.

Team building and interaction

Does a project team need to be assembled (on short notice) and then work together efficiently? I will go through the development process with you – we’ll define the “How?”, clarify the needs of both the organization and the individual, and develop potential. In our practical workshop we will establish how to improve interaction and communication within an existing team.

Supervision is a consulting strategy. We reflect on actual work situations in order to expand the competences and abilities of the team and its individual team members. I support your team in dealing with occupational challenges, in understanding and managing stressful situations, and in defining the roles of all team members.

Organizational development

Modern organizations are changing constantly – whether planned or in response to environmental factors. Human beings should always be the focus of these developments. I provide focused support to influence company culture, as well as thought and decision processes sustainably. How will we communicate in the future? Which processes are important to work more efficiently?

Your advantages

✓ motivated, harmonious teams
✓ successful personnel changes
✓ economic team spirit
✓ sustainably learning organization

"Not everyone who pulls together pulls in the same direction."

Oliver Tietze
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